About IPTV and Digital Signage

Similar to VoIP, Internet Protocol Television is the delivery of television services over an internet connection instead of through traditional satellite, antenna and cable structures. A piece of hardware called a set-top-box (STB) is placed between the TV and internet connection serving as an adapter to display programs on the television. An STB is essentially a small computer programmed to decode packets of streamed video and display them on your TV as high-quality pictures. OnVoIP are a Nevron partner now providing IPTV licensing and hardware to resellers.

Another rapidly growing business tool is digital screen signage. Digital signage is a method of creating and distributing high resolution content to commercial screens, in either one or multiple locations. OnVoIP can allow users to create, manage and deploy dynamic and engaging content by providing and end-to-end service platform. Our system is easy to use, meaning you do not need to come from a graphics and design background in order to create professional content. Drag and drop different content types from the widgets toolbox to provide a live and interactive display. OnVoIP supply digital screen signage software, hardware and licensing to partner resellers.

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OnVoIP specializes in hospitality TV systems digital screen signage

Nevron Hospitality TV Systems

  • Suitable for hotels, tourist resorts, holiday apartments, boutique hotels, villas
  • Present information such as local amenities and tourist attractions via the customized interface
  • A wide range of TV channels and content is available. Movies can be free to view or purchasable by guests and child lock facilities are available
  • Content also includes music and radio
  • New revenue streams are established by utilising  payment services on the TV, such as restaurant and SPA bookings
  • A wide range of user-friendly apps are available which can be tailored to the client’s needs
  • The TV system can be used as a branding and marketing tool to advertise facilities and services
  • Provide a personalised experience to the guest
  • Enhance the overall guest satisfaction and exceed expectations

Smarter Sign Digital Screen Signage

  • Hotels & Accommodation: Engage guests with real time information such as local transportation schedules, weather forecast and hotel services and offers. Display information in an efficient and brand enhancing style.
  • Digital Menu Boards: The perfect solution for restaurants and cafes allowing you to maximize communication with your customers. A digital menu board is easy to customize, cost effective and a powerful marketing tool.
  • Corporate Communications: Content can be easily managed and distributed to multiple locations with just the click of a button. Communicate dynamically with employees, visitors and customers.
  • Healthcare: Screen signage can act as an information board in doctors surgeries, hospitals and clinics to effectively present information to patients while they are in the waiting room. Content can be scheduled to display a number of health campaigns and in addition to local news and information.
  • Education: Educational institutes of all sizes can benefit from digital signage to keep students, visitors and faculty informed on campus news, events and information